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What is ASP.NET vNext?

I’ve just did some research and see vNext! Then i want to blog about what is vNext and how to use it!

Microsoft has announced that (many times ago), The CLR where the web application is running will no longer have to include the entire .NET Framework CLR. This is a very positive development in terms of speed and resource utilization.

As an output of this development, with ASP.NET vNext you will be able to deploy only the required CLR components to the servers. You will be able to use components of different versions in different applications. In other words, while your web application is using MVC.v1.dll, your other application will be able to use MVC.v2.dll.

At this point it is worth noting that the concept of de Dependency Injection comes with built-in ASP.NET vNext. You will be able to manage dependencies with the IoC of your choice.

Concepts such as MVC, Web API, and Web Pages come together under one roof, named MVC6. What does this mean? MVC Controllers and the common things that the Web API can do now shared with a single structure. All the discussions around the Internet are over!

And this new structure does not have a condition like System.Web. At this point, I can also underline that HttpContext’s object structure in memory has changed and is greatly reduced.

With ASP.NET vNext, we will now be able to host applications outside of IIS, in our own processes. This will eliminate the difficulty of using complete IIS resources for lightweight applications.

A nice and different innovation, ASP.NET vNext compiled a * .dll obligation to get up. Thanks to Rosyln (compiler-as-service) during the runtime compile operation can take place. So if you change the code and refresh only in the browser, you will see a change.

Is vNext cross-platform?

And, another good news! vNext is cross-platform. So it works on linux, windows, mac os x etc.

You can learn more detail from and follow the news. You can reach github from

I recommend that you look at the sample application at

Thanks for reading! See you on next post.

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