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How to increase Alexa ranking (2019)

Alexa is a world-wide and country-based site ranking and an important site that is followed by interest by webmasters. With Alexa, we can learn the rankings of websites by traffic densities. In a system that is constantly updated and changed according to the development of the sites, the website owners are always looking to increase their rankings by trying different ways.

Alexa is so important for your website value! It is really hard to increase ranking. Here are some steps to follow! Click to increase alexa ranking!
alexa ranking

So how does Alexa work?

  • Number of singular and plural visitors of the site
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent on the site
  • Total page views
  • Quality of search engine
  • The site from which visitors come from the site and their quality
  • Alexa backlink count
  • Ownership of the site
  • Number and rate of positive comments

Why Alexa is so important?

  • Priority for advertisers
  • Gives an impression about the number of visitors of the site
  • Determines the quality of the site.
  • The factor in terms of SEO.
  • A kind of competitive analysis

Ok, developer! now tell me how to increase ranking in Alexa!

Here is my ideas:

  • Get this site on Alexa
  • search your site in a way logged in to Alexa
  • Navigate different pages on a site rather than staying on a page
  • External image instead of hosting all pictures outside!
  • Use more images in text
  • Use Alexa Widget on site
  • Link to Alexa (like this)
  • Increase the number of Alexa queries
  • Show your site content as another site in iframe
  • Make your site open faster(this is so important for seo too!)
  • Increase the number of queries for your site. You can use imacros for this
  • 5 stars review with Alexa membership
  • Use social bookmarking sites to stream regular visitors
  • Hit monster, sites like hit wizard can be used
  • Suggesting visitors to use Alexa toolbar
  • Applying SEO for images

Thanks for reading. These are my ideas and my experiences. If you have idea, please comment below.

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