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First Bug of the Computer! So interesting!

Today I learned that the first bug in the computer was a real insect. Yeah, you didn’t hear wrong!

In his notes dated 9 September 1947 (1945), American Navy Officer Grace Hopper (the person who originally wrote the first compiler for a programming language, even though he had a ship-like perception of the ship) worked on a computer named ‘Harvard Mark II’ , as the first real bug case.

first bug of the computers

It is normal for insects to roam around as the computers covering the rooms warm up and turn the environment into a paradise for insects. Some strange insects touch the circuits and cause the system to short-circuit and malfunction.

Although the term bug on computers has been used by the time, Grace Hopper’s diary was very popular. Although it is stated that the beetle is not itself, it is not important to find the insect that matters, but to put the term in it, so I don’t see any detailed consideration on that part.

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