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Are SEO Companies scam? All about SEO!

in-page optimization. I’ll briefly explain everything. let us first make a definition; seo is an abbreviation of search engine optimization.

Let’s take a look at what needs to be done in the search results.

  • website supporting modern standards
  • faster pages
  • text with rich information about the subject
  • images describing the subject(videos, graphics, video, etc.)
  • in-site links
  • off-site link
  • social shares

Can be 150-200 items in this list. however, 90% of the event consists of these.
6 months to 1 year after you become familiar with wordpress or other content management system, you can learn 1-5 numbers in list. So let’s move on to the others (6th & 7th item). The article starting after the 5th item. 6th and 7th are the biggest issues for unfair competition.

how seo works

SEO Companies are scam?

SEO companies build so many scam sites (blogs, news sites, etc.) and buy bots (addmefast, like4like, fake accounts, etc.). These companies just giving backlink and sharing your website on social media with fake accounts. The money you pay to these companies consists of these stuffs.

seo companies

So What to do?

Go to, browse the top three ranked websites on your target keyword.
Analyze backlink profiles, social sharing densities, and other words in which they rank high, and what traffic they receive most. Implement them to your blog or website.

When you investigate some SEO companies, you will see that they only sell backlink. And you will see all of backlinks are not natural, all the backlinks came from bad sites, really bad sites. they sell backlink with money. The cost of getting backlink is between 20-30 Euros. I repeat! That’s all they do. And google looking the backlinks where do they came from and say ‘Oovv, backlinks are coming from irrelevant websites. Hmmm, this website paid for backlinks! I am google man, you can not cheat me! go down in search result, NOW!’

In-site optimization; it easy! Look at your website’s page speed & design. Don’t worry, you can learn all the details in 1 week. You can learn all web technologies, you can build the fastest and the most beautiful web pages. But you wont be able to at the top in search results unless SEO companies will buy backlink and do fake sharing.

In many countries, this is all about backlink, and there is no special technique. Popular companies are already naturally getting a lot of backlink. All of us sharing the links of companies in social media. They all need to do in-page seo optimization. So do not compare your web sites with their ones!

Google SEO Algorithm

No body knows anything about how google’s directives and algorithms work. I am a web developer and have extensive experience in the IT industry. I know the lies in the IT sector. There is something I can say for sure; no one is a seo expert! All of them are SCAM! OMG, such a lovely sentence! I am so brave!

google seo algorithm

If google is not lying, the term “expertise” is against the logic of the algorithm. You can’t be sure how the algorithm will react. You can claim that you are an expert for any software or you can become a design expert. Lets give an example; the function of a code is fixed, not ambiguous. You know how to react to this code; if you don’t get the response you expect, just make sure that you’re typing the correct code.

But how can you be an expert in the face of an algorithm that does not reveal all its secrets?

SEO can be the result of repeated experiences, but you can’t tell that the algorithm will work for different websites and will give the same reaction. The algorithm is completely dynamic and Google says it constantly update itself. By following them, Google giving webmasters some tips. Certainly, he does not say how this will react to your website. Anyway, it does not tell us all the secrets of how it works. The only thing we have is to advance each other’s experiences and predictions. As far as it is explained to us, there is no other expertise other than experiencing them by practicing on the same line of logic after taking the directives on how the bots currently work and what can be done.

Among these experiences there are also underground techniques. It may work in part today, but this may not even work tomorrow. As a result, seo where the claims of expertise emerge; it may be a result of trial and error methods. Experience can push you to different experiments, but you can’t be an expert. you are the only one who constantly follows this work.

How SEO Algorithm reacts?

Now let’s take a closer look at the absurdity of ranking guarantees; let’s think about 100 websites working in the same sector in your area. They all conform to the SEO criteria in the same way. but all have one purpose; to go to the first page in same keywords. In this case, which algorithm will move the website to the highest rank? They are all fully in accordance with google’s directives as well as the methods of the issuer. But one should not have the privilege of the other. Recently started to be published with their own content. What will the algorithm do in this case? Probably; hundreds, maybe thousands of websites are broadcasting every day. Is there any way to explain how the algorithm will react on these equal terms?

Google does not explain how the algorithm will react in these situations. But the fact is that only a few of the websites on the same criteria will come to the fore. Maybe sorting will change with traffic and backlink over time. But, even if everyone has equal criteria, they will not be ranked first. Has Google not considered that all websites are trying to be designed in a good way? Don’t you think that’s how the algorithm could react here? Perhaps it wasn’t that important when websites and content were not so common yet. But now it has to be important.

What I’m thinking is that google should have reduced the importance given to saturated content. it shouldn’t be possible for everyone to be on the first page anymore, or it should be very difficult now.
I saw a movie. there was a scene; he asks how many marches are in Istanbul? Millions of people want to sit in these mansions, which are only limited. Could such a thing be possible?

The best method is to try to be a brand. There is no possibility that is more powerful than that. Be a brand!


Finally, 99% of those who do this job are fraudsters. Absolutely cheating. If you decide to work with an SEO expert, ask him(or her) at least 10 detailed references before handing in a SEO job. Tell them which strategy they took and how google algorithm react to their strategy. If you feel the slightest discrepancy or ignorance; thanks and get up from the table.

And of course, do not forget to check the references. One by one. Most of the numbers he gives are his spouse friendly numbers. Check from applications such as getcontact to see if the name matches the number. Search for names from linkedin or facebook. Because you’re paying lots of money!

If you want to learn how to integrate SEO to your web pages buy some courses from udemy

Have a great day.

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